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Sterling has establishes, administers and also manages various offshore companies, trusts, foundations and investment funds for individuals, corporate clients, families and financial services firms looking to either protect assets and wealth, invest or want to enter the foreign markets or some combination of these.  Goals of our clients are broadly include tax mitigation, asset protection, international expansion and international investment.

These structures must be set up and managed in a compliant way factoring domestic tax laws in the countries of the clients as well as the countries of the structures used.  Sterling one of the leading firm that uses all of these available structures to come up with the best solutions for each client and has the ability to adjust to changing requirements with our clients in order to be a partner for long term. We are equipped to take a lead advisor role and administer/manage global structures for our clients working in conjunction with their existing advisors and other global partners where applicable.

Services :-

  • Corporate Services
  • Trusts and Trustee Services
  • Foundation Services
  • Fund Services
  • Business Services and Outsourcing


International Corporate Services (ICS-046)
International Foundation Services (IFS-002)
International Trustee Services (ITS-029)
Fund Administration Services (FA-002)

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  1. I wanted to setup an offshore company in Seychelles so i was for a reliable company formation services. One was my friend suggested Sterling offshore to me. I am glad that i contacted them. There dedicated service for offshore company formation is very good and professional. Their expert team worked really hard for me. Would recommend them to others entrepreneurs and company owners too!

  2. company

    Best Offshore company that i can recommend

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