Akbar Associates

Akbar Associates the parent company of the Group, is a premier supply chain manager and leading supply house to the local oil & gas exploration, production, process and transmission industries in Pakistan. Akbar Associates, with a 10% equity stake in country’s largest LPG extraction facilities at Jamshroo and 60 metric tons per day LPG quota, are one of the major players in the bulk transport, storage and marketing of LPG in Pakistan.

The Group

Akbar Associates: SCM, Contract and Project Buying, Consignment Inventories and Warehousing
Akbar LPG: LPG Transport, Bottling, Distribution and Retail
ADOS: Oilfield Equipment Manufacturing, Repair and Maintenance. Precision Engineering, Prefabricated High Tension and Telecom Towers
PETROLOG: Oilfield Services
Razvi: Mining
Akbar Tehrab: Civil and Mechanical Construction
Herbontics: Herbal Cosmetics
AVL: Akbar Vasal Private Limited

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