Kalapa Clinic

Medical consultancy in Europe specializing in cannabinoids

Kalapa Clinic provides patients with an alternative treatment for their chronic illnesses. We use cannabinoids to treat patients as well as providing them with the tools for reducing the risks associated with its consumption through consultations and follow-ups with specialized medical and psychological staff.

We are the first medical consultancy in Spain and across Europe that specializes in cannabinoid treatments and our clinic is supported by licensed physicians that are trained in cannabinoid therapies for all those who have a chronic condition.

Cannabis Stavia L has been used since hundreds of years for medicine in many traditional cultures. Many studies are currently focusing on the efficiency of cannabinoids such as CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahidrocannabidiol), as well as the additional cannabinoids that can relieve many symptoms and diseases. Specifically, several results were observed for diseases that were difficult to diagnose such as refractory epilepsy. Other results show that these treatments contribute to reduce pollution and unpleasant side effects such as vomiting or nausea.

We are part of a international network of doctors and scientists working on a constant exchange of information about the therapeutic use of cannabinoids

DR. MARIANO GARCÍA DE PALAU (Kalapa Clinic Medical Director)

DR. JOAN PARES GRAHIT (Cannabinoid Medical Advisor)

DR. BRYAN PEGUERO GOMEZ (Kalapa Clinic Doctor)

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