Quadro Liquids

Solving today's liquid mixing problems

Quadro Liquids designs and manufactures single-pass, inline high shear mixing equipment for powder incorporation and dispersion into liquids. They provide a wide range of available tooling allows equipment to be tailored to the difficulty of your application.

Quadro® industrial mixing equipment for powder incorporation/dispersion into liquids and liquid/liquid mixing and emulsifying reduces batch times, maximizes the use of raw ingredients and delivers the highest quality final product.

  • inline disperser
  • high shear wet milling and suspension micronization
  • Low shear in-tank mixer
  •  Multi-row toothed rotor-stator mixer

Our engineers are processing experts who understand how to apply the unique advantages of Quadro® Liquids high shear mixing technology to optimize your application.

Our track record in high-efficiency, single-pass processing is unequaled across a broad range of industries — from challenging materials for personal care & cosmetics such as Carbopol® and pigments, to tough stabilizers in sauces, dressings and dairy products for the food industry, to difficult-to-disperse powders for pharmaceuticals and other industries.

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